Far-reaching examinations
to various topics
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Under the following references some examinations are listed. These examinations are to extensive for the presentation in the material card index. On the other hand, it is usually fundamental occurences and forms of microstructure these happen at a variety of materials.

At the enlarged views a measuring function is available. The measuring spots 1 and 2 get specified with the left mouse button and the distance between them gets computed on base of the magnification scale. An optical measuring point marking takes place on the screen by means of little measuring crosses. For the use of the measuring function you must activate Javascript in your Browser.
Measuring accuracy of the different magnifications:

12,5 : 1          ca. 9 µm
50 : 1          ca. 2 µm
100 : 1          ca. 1 µm
200 : 1          ca. 0,5 µm
500 : 1          ca. 0,2 µm
1000 : 1          ca. 0,1 µm

For the determination of the through-hardenability at steels the end quench sample, also Jominy sample named, is used.

Microstructure examinations at Jominy or end quench test sample

In the steel can be found different strong concentration differences of the alloying elements. In the following are some examples about segregation distribution to see.

Segregation structure and segregation distribution over the cross-cut

Examinations to microstructure transformations and microstructural influencing
through various factors.

Examinations to the sigma-phase

Examinations to delta-ferrite and grain growth

Microstructural influencing at the plasma cutting

Grain growth and scaling at the 1.3912

Grain growth at the 1.4441

Crystalline structure in a welding seam

Crystalline structure in various segregation zones

Hard chromium plated layer on a driving shaft

Burnished chromium plated layer on a decorating bar

Series of experiments to the heat treatability at the 1.2201

Surface hardening at a bearing bush

Vane of a circulation pump out of cast steel

Surface decarburization at various material numbers

Carburization at the inert gas annealing

Nitrided surface at a component

Influence of strong surface decarbutization on the hardenability

Weldet joint at a chain-link made out of RSH steel

Heat treatment and crystalline structure at the 1.3401

Core segregation at an untreated steel out of 1.2210

Spring out of patented drawn wire

Upsetting test at wires to the testing on surface defects

Quenching and crystalline structure at the 1.2242

Case hardened component out of 1.7160

Zinc layer on a plate out of 1.0570

Cooling rate and crystalline structure at the 1.6580

Quenching , quench defects and crystalline structure at the 1.7076

Grain growth at the hardening of 1.7176

Influence of the quenching temperature on the microstructure of 1.3505



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