Microstructural influencing at the plasma cutting


The plasma is a gas which is ionized and high heated in the arc and therefore changed physical properties. For example it is used for cutting of materials. The plasma jet which is necked through arc, produced at the plasma torch, produces temperatures from 10000 up to 20000 Kelvin.
Non-ferrous metals and steels can be cut with the plasma (high cut speed and smooth cut fugue). Hereby the material becomes melted and is blown out of the fugue. The cutting device is water-cooled and operates with inert gas and direct current. It becomes leaded from hand or it is moved from automatic controled devices. The method is fundamental for all fusible materials applyable. Steels up to thickness of 120 mm can be separated.

The examination contained in this report is made at a wire rod with the material number 1.6582.

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